Monday, August 10, 2015

The Pluginator

The Pluginator is a free standalone program designed to be used for the management of SDR# plugins.  By using the simple user interface, you may add, delete, and change the sequence of SDR# plugins without having to manually edit the plugin XML file.


  1. You're welcome. Thanks for trying my softwrae!

  2. How do you "run" the "stand alone program" called "the Pluginator"? It is not an exe file, it is a config. I have Frequency Manager Suite running in SDR# but cannot figure out Pluginator. I understand what it's supposed to do for me, but not how to get it to go!

    1. Hi Wesley. Look in the SDR# folder for the file named "FMSuite.Pluginator.exe". That's the app to run. You might also be able to find it in the Windows start menu Search feature, if your version of Windows supports that.

      Thanks for writing and thanks for trying my software.