Saturday, November 26, 2016

26 Nov 2016 - Updated Config file for The Pluginator

Long-time FMSuite user and beta tester Ignacio EB4APL has graciously provided an updated configuration file for The Pluginator because I am extremely busy with my job right now.  This config file is for the SDR# version of FMSuite and it contains the definitions for the new SDR#-supplied plugins "Baseband Noise Blanker" and "Demodulator Noise Blanker".
The link is to the right. Just download the file to a convenient place on your computer, then copy it to the SDR# folder.  The next time that you run The Pluginator the two new plugins will be listed under "Add a popular Plugin".

Thanks again, Ignacio, we appreciate your time and effort.


  1. Last release(2.1.6049) does not contain The Pluginator, where I can download it?

    1. That version of FMSuite is specifically made for SDRUno, which does not support the management of plugins. Therefore The Pluginator would not work with SDRUno. I apologize for the confusion. Thanks for trying my software.