Saturday, May 13, 2017

Plugins are now compatible with SDR# v1560

Thanks everyone for your patience.  The FMSuite plugins are once again compatible with the changes in SDR# v1560.  There are separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit SDR#, so be sure that you install the correct version.  

As always if you find a problem please let me know by posting here or by email at the address in the lower right of this page.


  1. I can't install the 32-bit version. It keeps telling me that FMSuiteSetup.exe is already in use, which of course it is, as that is the program that is telling me.

  2. Make sure the "Start in" folder of your SDRSharp shortcut is set correctly or this plugin won't work properly.

    1. Can you explain this is more detail please? Thank you.

    2. I (sdrs.freqmgr) didn't post this; a reader did. I believe what he/she was saying was that Windows shortcuts define both the folder in which an executable resides and also what folder to use after the application is started. Usually the latter is the same folder as the one the executable resides in but in some non-SDR# cases you might want it to be different. For example you might have a shortcut for Word that defines the shortcut’s Target as the location of the Word executable but defines its Start In as your Documents folder.