Saturday, November 4, 2017

Aoki database update

Sorry this is a little late; work and vacation have kept me very busy.

Those of you who use the Aoki database know that a new database is produced twice yearly; the "A" database in the spring and the "B" database in the fall.  The FMS Data Tools Wizard ships with the location of the most current database at that time; however I haven't shipped a new FM Suite in a while.

To get the current database (as of this writing the B17 database), just change the URL in the Aoki download in the Data Tools Wizard.  The B17 database URL is:

Just copy the above line and paste it into the Aoki URL text box in the Data Tools Wizard when downloading an Aoki database.  The current database will be downloaded and the new URL will be saved in your Data Tools Wizard config file for the next time you need it.

For those who wonder, you can always find the current database's URL at the Aoki web site:

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