Tuesday, March 30, 2021

FMSuite 2.1 Now Available

This is an interim release of FMSuite meant to regain compatibility with SDR# as quickly as possible. As a result it does not yet support SDR# themes; this and other improvements are expected to be in v2.2.x.

It was a major undertaking, and there are still many changes yet to be made. This release includes four plugins:
  •     Frequency Manager + Scanner
  •     Frequency Entry
  •     Activity Logger
  •     Scheduler

These plugins/apps are not included in this release:
  •     Installer and The Pluginator; the new plugin architecture in SDR# makes these obsolete.
  •     Data Tools and Scanner Metrics; these require significant changes that would have delayed this release. Expect them in v2.2.x, if not sooner.

These are the bugs and necessary improvements I know about and will attempt to fix after this interim version is released.

  •     Themes will be incorporated in the v2.2.x release.
  •     Tool > Edit Preferences: configuration choices that include the option "in a new window" are superfluous now that plugins can be dragged and dropped, and will be removed in the next version. Also some features that let you customize colors will be changed to use the current SDR# theme.
  •     In the Edit Groups, Edit Protocols, and Edit Services dialogs, you may not see the blank line needed for adding data to these tables. It's there; you just need to change the size of the window vertically until you see the blank row. Scroll to the bottom of the list and then extend the window size vertically until you see the blank row (in most cases this is a small change in size).
  •     SDR# may sometimes "lose" the layout of some of the plugins you placed, particularly when closing the Preferences dialog. You will have to remake the layout. I will correct the underlying issue in release v2.2.x

 Download from the link at the top right.  Thanks for your patience.

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