Thursday, July 29, 2021

FMSuite 2.2 for SDR# is now available

FMSuite 2.2 can be downloaded from the link to the right.  The following changes are in this version:

All Plugins

  • Theming has been implemented where possible.  Note that only Dark Mode / Light Mode settings are used, not individual colors, due to compatibility issues with some Microsoft controls.
  • Improved the reliability of multitasking.
  • Replaced obsolete or deprecated Microsoft features with current technology.
  • Replaced icons and images that would have been invisible in Dark Mode themes.
  • Fixed the case where permissions to file "FMSuiteException.txt" was denied.
  • Replaced tab controls with radio buttons because theming is incompatible with Microsoft tab controls.
  • All software was upgraded to the current Microsoft .NET Core 5 platform.

Data Tools

  • Upgraded the Data Tools Zip file processing to a built-in Microsoft function.
  • Removed the "Custom" delimiter option and replaced it with the "Pipes" option due to reliability issues.

Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • Moved Scan Decisions and Frequency Data Display plugins out of Frequency Manager + Scanner and into their own plugins.
  • Removed Scan Decisions and Frequency Data Display options from the Preferences dialog as they are now defunct.
  • Removed the Automatic Frequency Rejection feature in favor of new features in SDR#.
  • Fixed a case where the scanner could get stuck if the radio frequency doesn't change when requested.
  • Changed the "Locked" or "Lock" labels to "Ignore", "Ignored", or "Ign" to remove confusion with the word "Lock" as used by hardware radio scanners.
  • When scanning sometimes a radio will not tune to a requested frequency.  To indicate this an error popup will appear and recommend actions.  It is unclear whether this issue is caused in SDR# or in the radio.


  1. Q: Are you planning to update FMSuite 2.2 to support SDR-Console 3.X too? I would love to have 1 Freq. Manager that I can use across SDR#, SDR-Console and SDRUno with 1 data base. I mostly use SDR-Console over either SDR# or SDRUno but sometimes drop down to the other two for some specialized functions.

    73 de k1jbd

    1. The link for SDR Console 2.x and 3.x is just below the link for the SDR# version. The main difference between the SDR#, SDR-Console, and SDR Uno versions is that only the SDR# version has the scanner and its related modules. All three platforms support the same database so its easy to share data across platforms.

  2. Download blocked as unsafe by microsoft edge

  3. Where the download link?

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