FMSuite Change Log

14 Feb 2016 : FMSuite v2.0.5888

Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • New feature: you may now optionally display the descriptions of frequencies in your database on the spectrum window. You control the colors and transparency of the descriptions and their marker lines. 
  • New feature: the Browse window now allows you to type a frequency directly into the grid, and the grid will dynamically filter your database to matching frequencies. You may type a partial frequency and all frequencies that start with the same digits will be displayed. The more digits you type, the more specific the filtering.
  • New feature: A checkbox in Preferences lets you control whether the Last Update field is changed when performing bulk edits. When unchecked this permits you to retain the original date and time the frequency was recorded in the database. 
  • New feature: You may now change the font size in the Scanner Decisions window and plugin. The new size will be remembered and used the next time you start SDR#. 
  • New article:  User David Bunyan has provided a how-to article in the Appendix on how to use the scanner effectively for WFM DXing.  See also the WFM DXing Databases download in the Download Here section to get pre-built databases for different regions around the world, also graciously provided by David Bunyan.

Scanner Metrics

  • Bug fix: fixed error in the queue manager that prevented recording activity when the date-time format on the computer was not United States. 
  • Bug fix: fixed error that prevented SM from putting its database in the same folder as FM, if the FM database location was changed after SM was loaded.

Data Tools

  • New feature: default values for imports. Will automatically assign values when they are missing from the source import data.
  • Bug fix: Fixed culture-specific issue with Frequency values when an Eibi database is downloaded. 
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug that caused Data Tools to change the current database in Frequency Manager + Scanner. 
  • Bug fix: Importing an SDR# Frequency Manager data file now results in a prompt to add or replace existing data in the target FMSuite database.

The Pluginator

  • New feature: The Pluginator now knows many of the most popular plugins. So now you may simply select one from a list and it will be installed to Plugins.xml, as opposed to requiring you to type the configuration data for the chosen plugin.

11 Dec 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5822

Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • New feature: Browse grid now shows the time of day of the Last Update. Two notes: (1) older records will have 12:00:00 as the time. (2) Bulk updates will change the Last Update to the current date and time.
  • New feature: The Scan Decisions Plugin and Scan Decisions Window now let you select your preferred font size.
  • Improvement: Permission checks added to confirm the user is able to create a database in the specified folder.
  • Improvement: Compatibility fix for SDR# v1430.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in Browse that failed to position the grid to a new record when that record was added using Browse’s Edit button.
    • Fixed bugs in busy-frequency detection and Adjacent Frequency Rejection that only showed in WFM mode.


  • Architecture changes in an attempt for greater compatibility with various anti-virus applications.
  • Now deletes the documentation folder automatically after uninstalling FMSuite, but only if the documentation folder and any subfolders are completely empty.

21 Nov 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5803

Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Live Track feature in the Browse window from working properly
  • New feature - Cutoff timer

Data Tools Wizard

  • Changed the code to download the new B15 schedules
  • Changed the Aoki download to process the new Aoki file download method


  • Added permission checking in the installer and in database creation code to confirm the user has permissions to write to the necessary folders

03 Nov 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5785

Frequency Entry

  • Now shows current center frequency

Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • Update Radio from DB now works correctly and it respects the current tuning style.
  • In the Browse window, clicking Send to Radio or double-clicking a freq changes the tuning style to Free Tuning and sends the frequency to the radio; however due to the way SDR# now changes frequency your desired Center frequency will not always be set.
  • Fixed the “gong” sound that sometimes happened when exiting SDR# when the scanner is running.
  •  Added a text file listing the cause of an unexpected error that crashes the scanner.  The file would be placed in the SDR# folder in the event of a critical failure of the scanner.
  •  Expanded the size of the dB signal strength indicator in the upper right of the spectrum display to keep it from self-abbreviating when a signal strength that won’t fit is found.

15 Oct 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5766

Frequency Manager Suite

This release contains additional fixes of bugs related to the recent design changes of SDR#, some design changes for the same reasons, and one new feature.
  • Removed the restriction on Minimum Signal Strength that kept it from being set lower than the spectrum display range’s lowest visible figure. The valid range is now between 0 and -300. You may now set the Minimum Signal Strength to a value that will move its indicator line off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug in Frequency Entry that required the SDR# frequency digits to be changed/clicked twice for a frequency change to register in SDR#.
  • Fixed a minor display bug in the AFR zone display; now it is restricted to the spectrum display’s vertical data area to match the same change made in SDR#.
  • New feature: Added keyboard shortcut to open Edit dialog: press Ctrl+Alt+E simultaneously.
  • Presets will have to be deleted and recreated to make them compatible with the new SDR# tuning methodology. Using a Preset will put SDR# into Free Tuning mode in an attempt to honor your Preset’s Frequency and Center Frequency values.
  • Sending a frequency from the Browse window by double-clicking it or by the Send to Radio button will place SDR# in Free Tuning mode in an attempt to honor your database Frequency and Center Frequency values.
  • Fixed the false-positive-detection problem in the scanner that arose from the SDR# changes.
  • The Frequency Entry plugin has changed the way it responds to the different tuning modes of SDR# due to unfavorable interactions with recent SDR# changes:
    • Changing the Frequency in the plugin tunes the radio but does not change the plugin’s Center Frequency.
    • Changing the Center Frequency of the plugin will tune the radio and the Frequency of the plugin, and will respect the relative positions of Frequency and Center in the SDR# spectrum analyzer when in Sticky or Free Tuning modes.
    • Dragging the SDR# spectrum display to change the frequency does not update the Frequency Entry plugin’s Center Frequency.

10 Oct 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5761

Frequency Manager + Scanner, Frequency Entry, Activity Logger, and Scheduler

Recent significant changes in SDR# broke these plugins. In general these are now fixed although not as cleanly or robustly as I would like.  I felt it was more important to get working software to you as quickly as possible.  Look for further improvements in the weeks to come.

Known Issues 

  • Due to lingering compatibility problems, frequency changes by the Scanner or Scheduler are performed in Free Tuning mode.  Your preferred manual tuning method (Free/Sticky/Center) is remembered and restored when you turn off scanning.
  • When scanning starts, the Frequency will be reset to the Center Frequency.  After the scanner is running you can move the SDR# red line to your preferred position.  However at this time scanning works most reliably when Frequency and Center are the same.
  • The AFR zone display extends to the full height of the spectrum window when it should only display in the spectrum grid
  • The busy-frequency detection code is not perfect right now:
    • You may have to increase radio settle time in order to get signal locks.
    • The scanner will sometimes find false positives when scanning a range of frequencies.
Please bear with me while I work on further fixes.  As a hobbyist I have only a few hours each week to work on this but rest assured I will try to bring FMSuite back to its quality standards as soon as possible.

15 Sep 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5375

Data Tools

  • Fixed the Latitude and Longitude in the FMList URL which were reversed.
  • Made the FMList URL read-only because some users were corrupting it before trying to download with it.  Now, you type the Latitude and Longitude into the fields provided and the URL will automagically get updated.
  • Update documentation to reflect restrictions on the FMList download.

 Frequency Manager + Scanner

  •  Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows do not support monitoring the clipboard for frequencies.  For those operating systems, this checkbox in Preferences will be disabled and a tooltip will appear explaining why.


  • Added changes to better accomodate Windows XP.
  • Fixed bugs in the code that moves an old database to a new folder.


  • Documentation updates all around.

27 Aug 2015 : FMSuite v2.0.5716

New plugins!

  • Scheduler - allows you to schedule listening activities by date and time.
  • Activity Logger - records scanner activity to a file for later use.
  • Scanner Decisions - now a first-class plugin and also available as the classic stand-alone window. And you can change the position of the plugin without restarting SDR#.
  • Frequency Details - displays details about a frequency from your database. And you can change the position of the plugin without restarting SDR#.

New standalone applications

  • Data Tools – this significantly upgraded import/export application lets you import data from 6 popular internet databases as well as generically-formatted files, and permits you to export your FMS databases to standard file format.
  • The Pluginator – an application that lets you add, delete, and change the order of plugins without ever having to hand-edit the SDR# file Plugins.xml. Just fill in the blanks.

New features in Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • The new Preferences dialog allows customization without hand-editing a configuration file.
  • FMS configurations are now kept in a file separate from those of SDR#, permitting easier upgrades to SDR#.
  • You can have multiple frequency databases, and can change to a different database without restarting SDR#.
  • When tuning manually you can optionally change the radio settings (mode, BW, etc.) according to what’s in the database for the tuned frequency.
  • Scan resolution – high-res or low-res to favor speed over accuracy or vice versa.
  • Adjacent Frequency Rejection now displays its bandwidth on the spectrum analyzer.
  • Plus many other improvements and bug fixes.