Saturday, August 15, 2015

What’s new in Frequency Manager Suite v2.0.5716

New plugins!
  • Scheduler - allows you to schedule listening activities by date and time.
  • Activity Logger - records scanner activity to a file for later use.
  • Scanner Decisions - now a first-class plugin and also available as the classic stand-alone window. And you can change the position of the plugin without restarting SDR#.
  • Frequency Details - displays details about a frequency from your database. And you can change the position of the plugin without restarting SDR#.

New standalone applications
  • Data Tools – this significantly upgraded import/export application lets you import data from 6 popular internet databases as well as generically-formatted files, and permits you to export your FMS databases to standard file format.
  • The Pluginator – an application that lets you add, delete, and change the order of plugins without ever having to hand-edit the SDR# file Plugins.xml. Just fill in the blanks.

New features in Frequency Manager + Scanner
  • The new Preferences dialog allows customization without hand-editing a configuration file.
  • FMS configurations are now kept in a file separate from those of SDR#, permitting easier upgrades to SDR#.
  • You can have multiple frequency databases, and can change to a different database without restarting SDR#.
  • When tuning manually you can optionally change the radio settings (mode, BW, etc.) according to what’s in the database for the tuned frequency.
  • Scan resolution – high-res or low-res to favor speed over accuracy or vice versa.
  • Adjacent Frequency Rejection now displays its bandwidth on the spectrum analyzer.
  • Plus many other improvements and bug fixes.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Frequency Manager + Scanner Plugin

The FMSuite Frequency Manager + Scanner is a free plugin designed for use within the SDR# software application.  It delivers a full-featured frequency management tool permitting you to edit and browse frequencies and to scan ranges of frequencies or groups of frequencies that you define.

New features and improvements in this version

Frequency Manager

  • Multiple databases – now you can have separate databases for different kinds of monitoring.  For example, if you would like to import a database of Non-Directional Beacons, you can keep those records separate from your UHF frequencies which are in a different database.  And, you decide where to store the database.
  • New database fields. 14 new data fields are now available for each frequency in the database.  Now you can track a frequency’s City & Country, Language, transmitter Power, and other info.
  • New database filters.  The Browse window now lets you filter your database up to 11 ways simultaneously.
  • A new Preferences window lets you set 37 rules of behavior for the Frequency Manager + Scanner.  You can now customize FM without resorting to manual editing and the risk of corrupting your SDR# installation.

Scanner Metrics Plugin

Scanner Metrics is a free plugin designed for use within the SDR Sharp software application, as an accessory to the Frequency Manager + Scanner plugin.  It provides a means of recording scanner frequency activity to a database and later performing analysis on that information; the goal being to make it easier for you to determine which of the millions of frequencies you can receive actually are worth spending time on.

Features Summary

SM adds the following features to SDR Sharp:
  • A collapsible panel containing the recording and reporting controls.
  • Reports that analyze the recorded metrics and produce charts about frequency activity.
  • A small dedicated database for the collection of metrics.

Scheduler Plugin

The FMSuite Scheduler is a free plugin designed for use within the SDR# software application.  It provides a means of creating, using, and re-using schedules to manage frequency changes in SDR#.

This new plugin permits you to define multiple operating schedules.  When a schedule is activated, the Scheduler will change the frequency on the dates and times you specify.  You can use a schedule only on the dates and times defined in it, or you can ignore the dates and re-use the time portions of the schedule on any date.  Schedule activity is logged to a file so that you can review the actions it took.

Features Summary

The Scheduler adds the following features to SDR#:
  • A collapsible panel containing the scheduler controls.
  • The Manage Schedules grid that allows you to Add, Edit, Delete, and Use schedules.
  • An Add/Edit grid that allows you to Add and Delete dates, times, and frequencies to a schedule and to name or rename a schedule.
  • Options to ignore any dates in the schedule and use only the times (useful for re-using a schedule without having to edit it) and to log the schedule activity to a text file.
  • Run the selected schedule; which also displays the date, time, and frequency of the next scheduled frequency change.

Frequency Entry Plugin

The Frequency Entry plugin restores your ability to enter a specific center frequency into SDR#.  You may enter a Frequency and a Center Frequency.  The plugin also auto-updates as you or other software change those settings in SDR #.

Activity Logger Plugin

The FMSuite Activity Logger is a free plugin designed for use within the SDR Sharp software application.  It records scanner activity created by the Frequency Manager + Scanner plugin in a CSV-formatted file.

The Activity Logger listens for activity from the Frequency Manager + Scanner plugin.  When the scanner stops on a frequency the following data are written to the file.  Each row in the log represents one start time + end time + frequency event.

Data Tools Wizard

The FMSuite Data Tools Wizard is a free standalone utility program designed to download and import frequency databases for use within the Frequency Manager + Scanner.

It provides a way to download frequency databases from the internet and import them into an FM database.  It also permits you to import data from a generic data file format and to export an FM database to a generic file format.

Data Tools operates as a wizard; you make choices, fill in some blanks, and it takes care of the rest.

The Pluginator

The Pluginator is a free standalone program designed to be used for the management of SDR# plugins.  By using the simple user interface, you may add, delete, and change the sequence of SDR# plugins without having to manually edit the plugin XML file.