Monday, July 25, 2016

24 July 2016 - FMSuite for SDRuno is now available

I now have a version of the Frequency Manager Suite for use with SDRuno v1x.  This is a subset of FMSuite for SDR#; it includes the Frequency Manager plugin (but not the Scanner), the Frequency Data Display plugin, the Scheduler plugin, and the Data Tools Wizard.  It runs in its own window separately from SDRuno.  The Frequency Manager uses the same database as the SDR# and SDR Console versions so you can share databases between the applications.

Because SDRuno v1x was never intended for this purpose its only communications with other applications is through a virtual serial port.  This communication channel can be slow, which makes scanning impractical.  So this release does not include a scanner or related plugins.

But you can still send and receive frequencies with SDRuno and enjoy the other advanced features of the Frequency Manager and the Scheduler, and the Data Tools Wizard's ability to import and export radio station databases.

As development of SDRuno proceeds I hope to add complete functionality to this version of FMSuite.  Download the SDRuno v1x version from the link at the right; and I hope you enjoy it.