Saturday, June 25, 2016

25 June 2016 - FMSuite for SDR Console is now available

I now have a version of the Frequency Manager Suite for use with SDR Console v2.3.  This is a subset of FMSuite for SDR#; it includes the Frequency Manager plugin (but not the Scanner), the Frequency Data Display plugin, the Scheduler plugin, and the Data Tools Wizard.  It runs in its own window separately from SDR Console.  The Frequency Manager uses the same database as the SDR# version so you can share databases between the two applications.

Because SDR Console v2.3 was never intended for this purpose its only communications with other applications is through a virtual serial port.  This communication channel can be slow, which makes scanning impractical.  So this release does not include a scanner or related plugins.

But you can still send and receive frequencies with SDR Console and enjoy the other advanced features of the Frequency Manager and the Scheduler, and the Data Tools Wizard's ability to import and export radio station databases.

As development of SDR Console v3 proceeds I hope to add complete functionality to this version of FMSuite.  Download the SDR Console v2.3 version from the link at the right; and I hope you enjoy it.


  1. I will start testing after this week-end. I was to busy making several antennas and VLF/LF upconverters for some of our club members for the SAQ transmissing on next sunday.

    Best of luck,
    Ron - ON2RON

  2. Download link isn't working.

    1. Hello Anonymous. Thanks for letting me know of the problems. It appears that the link occasionally fails in the Chrome browser. I have moved the file to another host and have tested it successfully in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Please try the download again, and thank you again for letting me know of the problem.


  3. Functional quite promising.
    It is interesting to apply.
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  4. don,t like it sdr sharp hangsup data base corrupt to complicated freqency tuning is delayed

  5. Awesome plug in. Thank you.

    One request: could you consider changing the database frequency labels in the spectrum window to the type SDR# used to have? i.e. transparent with the width of the frequencies bandwidth, like this:

  6. Hi Tom, thanks for the compliment.

    While it is technically possible to make that change it means that long frequency descriptions would wrap to fit the limited horizontal space and result in taking up much more vertical space and make the description harder to read. The app is used by many types of listeners, for example those who monitor "Radio Romania Actualitati" and other HF stations so the current design is the best compromise I can create at this time.

    Thanks for writing, and thanks for using my software.

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